The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s life on this planet. Being a software engineer, the impact it made in my life is not as adverse as that for other people around us especially the health workers. The software industry can be run by sitting in front of computer, no matter where you sit. So, people like me is getting luxury of working from home at their own pace and comfort. That has cut down significant amount of our time attending daily chores we usually do in our work life like commute, coffee breaks, team lunches, hallway chat, etc. However, I think I have been spending all that time back to the work. I spoke to lot of my friends in past 3 months and one common thing that I heard of is that many of them are working more than they would work in pre-Covid era. In this new lifestyle, the office is hardly 10 steps away from the living room and so I tend to login in off hours that I would have not done earlier.

So, from past few weeks, I have been thinking about it and wondering if I can get back my commute time and utilize it do something different than work, something that I always wanted to do, some hobby or anything like that. So, I have decided to spend time writing blogs. It helps in streamlining the thought process and put them in words that anyone without any prior context can understand. It is something that I always wanted to do from past several years, but never committed a time in doing it. And now, I am committing my 30-40 minutes per day of commute time in writing blog posts. That is approximately 3 hours per week which is good enough to write at least one blog per week!

My blogs will be mostly centered around interesting technical things that I learn day to day but sometimes will be personal experiences. I hope you all enjoy my thoughts that I will jot!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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